We build developer relations teams.

We help forward thinking technology companies build DevRel teams, often from scratch. Our community led hiring strategy, global network in developer relations and passion for technology helps us achieve our mission of being your go to partner for hiring in developer relations.

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Community driven hiring

Our community and team of advisors provide recommendations to the best talent for your company

Scaling across the DevRel Spectrum

org structure of devrel spectrum

Global Locations

countries we operate in - USA UK and Europe

Companies we have worked with:

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Our partners unlock the benefits of:

Community Engagement

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Community Building

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Content Creation

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Product & Company Awareness

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Meet up/Events

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Public Speaking

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Our Services & Hiring Models.

At DevRel Talent we pride ourselves on being the only agency exclusively dedicated to hiring in Developer Relations. Our sole focus allows us to connect your company with top-tier Developer Advocates, Evangelists, Community Managers and Technical Writers who are experts within the full spectrum of developer relations activities. Whether you are looking to enhance product awareness, improve community engagement, or drive technical advocacy, our services ensure you find the perfect fit for your unique needs.

Permanent Staffing

We support companies looking to hire full time staff with our retained and success based models. We start the process by learning about your company and hiring plans to align strategy and agree a sourcing plan.

Permanent hiring in developer relations is challenging due to the small talent pools in every sector. Before a search we will display data of avaliable candidates and their geographic locations to craft an informed approach.

Contractor Staffing

We are able to support our clients with our contract staffing service giving you the flexibility and speed required to deliver on short term or urgent projects. Contractor platform and payment:We partner with a cuttting edge paltform which takes away the hassle of financing and managing contractor payments, we look after the whole process giving you the extra time and freedom to build and ship.

Hiring Models

Exclusivity: Our exlcuslivity model is best suited for a company looking for a partner to dedicate their time and efforts into a particular search. We handle the complete end to end process for you while exclusivly representing your brand to the market with one message.
Embedded Project: For larger projects we are able to provide an embedded model giving you the feeling of an inhouse recruiter without the cost of a full time employee. Our team has a combined 15+years of talent acquisiton experience.
Partnership: We have worked alongside amazing talent acquisiton teams to strategically work together on supplying a best in class shortlist to hiring managers. We are transparent, data driven and strive to provide value to TA teams - not competition.
Data Collection & Benchmarking 50% of the clients we work with are hiring for the first time in developer relations. For all of our models we provide weekly updates showcasing a range of data inlcluding compensation allingment, product/company feedback, process improvement and brand reputation.

Next Steps:

For more information, personalised pricing and our terms of agreement, please book an intro call or reach out to us on info@devreltalent.io for a detailed overview.

We source the best DevRel talent with our advisory team.

Our advisory team containes leading figures from the developer relations industry. For every client we partner with our advisors help us to uncover talent through their communites and network. We then shortlist candidates via referrals and word of mouth, meaning you get access to highly refferenced talent who may not be actively applying for new roles or visible on hiring platforms such as LinkedIn.
The result: a highly vetted, referenced, and diverse talent pool.

Our advisory network contains leading advisors from:

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The DevRel Talent difference:

lead sourcing


Worldwide talent

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Long-Term Partnerships:  Building developer communities is an ongoing endeavour. We aim to forge lasting partnerships with our clients, supporting you beyond the initial hire, ensuring long-term success.
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Seamless Hiring Process: Hiring can be a time-consuming process, but we make it hassle-free. From initial candidate sourcing to final onboarding, we manage the entire process, saving you valuable time and resources.
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Diversity and Inclusion:  We strongly advocate for diversity and inclusion in tech. Our commitment to building an inclusive workplace extends to our hiring practices, where we actively seek out candidates from diverse backgrounds.
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Global Network: Our reach extends far beyond borders, allowing us to tap into a vast pool of talented candidates from every corner of the world. No matter where you're located, we can find the right fit for your company.

Roles we hire for across the
developer relations spectrum

VP of Developer Relations
Head of Developer Relations
Director of Developer Relations
Developer Relations Engineer
Developer Advocate
Developer Evangelist
Technical Writer
Community Manager
Community Engineer
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Java logoC plus plus logoRust logoTypescript logoElixir logo
Kotlin logoPHP logoReact logoAngular LogoNode JS logo
+ many more...

Working across multiple tech stacks

We understand the critical importance of scaling across the entire Tech Stack for start-ups looking to expand their business rapidly and efficiently.

From front-end to back-end development, cloud infrastructure, database management, and everything in between, our teams will work collaboratively to ensure seamless integration, optimal performance, and future scalability.

By focusing on comprehensive scaling solutions, we empower start-ups to confidently navigate the complexities of growth and maximise your potential in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

What our clients say

Olivier Tassineri CEO Material UI
"The team at DevRel Talent are proactive, they quickly adapted to our hiring workflow. They were able to source quality candidates for a diverse set of roles, allowing us to have a higher-quality applicant pool without overwhelming us with too many candidates."
Rhiannon Whitby Zephr
“I worked together with Owen as Zephr scaled up its Product and Engineering Teams. The market was extremely volatile but Owen was able to bring a strong candidate pool to us. Owen was always candid in his approach and attentive without fail, he made the hiring process flow seamlessly. I'm grateful to have worked with him and hopefully will again In the future.”

What our candidates say

Richard Bustos Senior Developer Advocate - Material UI
“Owen is a great recruiter. He helped my find my dream job. He was very professional and helped me find my strengths during the interview process. I can't wait to work with him again.”
Tyler Hawkins Senior Developer Relations Engineer – Webflow
"Working with DevRel Talent was a great experience. They was very proactive in keeping me updated throughout the interview process, even if it was just to check in, which I really appreciated. Radio silence is always nerve-wracking as a candidate but that was never the case. I'd highly recommend working with DevRel Talent the next time you're looking for a job change."
Henna Ashraf Head of Testing at Cashplus
“I had the pleasure to work with Owen recently. He contacted me regarding a new opportunity and I knew instantly that he knew the role and company very well. He kept me completely up to date during the process and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Owen to anyone who is looking for a new role in the start up space!"